Get Over The Fear of Making Videos To Sell Stuff

Here are scripts to guide you as you put yourself and your business in front of the camera.

Let's look at what you will be able to talk about using these scripts,
and how that will impact your business.

Create a product spot light day.
Consistently showing up with core messages around your products is a game changer. This script anchors that day for you, outlining the spot light structure for maximum effect.

Share the experience of working with you. People like to know what to expect as they book, purchase or sign up with you. Script 2: gives you that framework.

A Q&A session is a brilliant way to gain trust with your audience. Let's break the script down to enable this powerful video content.

A practical video on HOW TO use your product or service in 2.30 mins. Script 4 outlines the key pointers to make this easy for you.

How to show off REVIEWS. Reviews are very powerful for selling. People want to see what other people say. Let's give you the tools to do this smoothly.

A shorter video of 60 seconds - HOW TO use your product. Brilliant for IG stories.

Meet the may shy away from this one because you don't know how to articulate YOU. This script nails it.

Meet our BEST SELLERS. Another great way of selling. Best sellers are a real focal point for your content.

How to tell your audience about a NEW product. Don't just wing it...prepare.

Showing HOW to use product but using NO words. Yup we gotta keep showing the HOW.

Showing the FEATURES of your product up-close...again NO WORDS. Trending music on reels would work wonders.

Unboxing the product: VERY important especially around Xmas.

Time Lapse - with or without words - an engaging way to show off.

Testimonial prompt - remember to share these all the time.
  • Video scripts so you can turn up online to sell
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    The most powerful medium on Social Media is VIDEO. Live or recorded customers WANT to see your product this way.

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  • 14 Video Scripts | Lets break each script down.
  • Script 1: Spotlight your work consistently on a chosen day.
  • Script 2: Share what it feels like to work with you
  • Script 3: Practical answers to customer Q's
  • Script 4: How to use your product or service (2.30 mins)
  • Script 5: 'Reviews' how to show these off
  • Script 6: How to use product ( 60 seconds )
  • Script 7: Meet the maker
  • Script 8: Meet our best selling products
  • Script 9: Telling people about a new product
  • Script 10: Showing how to use product ( no words )
  • Script 11: Showing features of product up close ( no words)
  • Script 12: Unboxing the product ( no words )
  • Script 13: Time lapse ( with or without words )
  • Script 14: Testimonial prompt don't forget to share these
  • Next step? TAKE ACTION!!!