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You are a passionate Creative.

You LOVE creating and dream about what it may be like to be able to practice in an ongoing capacity.

The only problem is, where do you start?
Doesn't it seem like there are so many things to consider when building a business?
⚡️How to find clients or customers?
⚡️Do you need a website?
⚡️Should you charge hourly or package price?
⚡️Can you really charge enough to make a decent living?
⚡️Do I build social or website first?


You may already have a business and want to build a stronger brand & increase sales.
What do you work on first?
⚡️Can I trust that social media will grow my customer base?
⚡️Do I need a PR firm?
⚡️Should I up my prices or keep them the same?
⚡️Should I employ an assistant or VA?

Yup, I have been there.
If you're new to me, howya!

My name is Tara Prendergast.

I am a leading business mentor for small businesses in the Creative sector.
I have worked with 1000's of Creatives over the last 6 years and partnered with leading universities and government bodies to assist in the development of Creative industry.

Reviews Of Learning With Biscuit

The Ribbon Pot Handmade Crafts Logo

The course was extremely beneficial and I would recommend it to anyone finding themselves stuck and not knowing what the next step should be. Even just being around like minded people was amazing, there’s nothing better than talking with other crafters!. The important topics were touched on over the 6 months with mentors there for feedback if needed. It was a very safe environment and a joy to be a part of.

Emma Mckenna

The Ribbon Pot Handmade Crafts

Sarah Jane Pell Headshot

The 3 day workshop with Tara certainly gives a lot of information, it over delivers in every way.  Tara is such a wonderful mentor / teacher, full of enthusiasm, with very clear and detailed guidance and support.  It is an intense 3 days, but very definitely worth it.  My advice to any aspiring creative needing help on how to develop their creative business, sign up, you won't be disappointed.  Thanks Tara XX

Sarah Jane Pell



Smiling man headshot

Prior to taking this workshop I was apprehensive about setting up an online shop, I was especially concerned about how I could use my social media accounts to market my products and drive traffic to my website and shop. I only finished the workshop yesterday and I have already started to make changes to my website and social media and have a much clearer picture of what I need to do to achieve my goals. I would certainly recommend this workshop to anyone who is thinking of selling online.

Pat Lynch

Pat Lynch Artist

Smiling woman headshot

I am at the beginning of my journey into e-commerce for my art practice. Before this workshop I had sort of a vague idea of what I needed to do but hadn't got a clue where to even start. Now I can see the wood from the trees. I have a very clear path set for myself with everything Tara has guided me through. I know what I need to do and importantly when to take the different steps. Knowledge is everything and I've just been given a whole lot of it. Her encouragement and enthusiasm is infectious. I'm not as worried about this journey as I was only a few days ago. The workshop was worth every penny and much more.

Niamh Leonard

Artist in Cork

Art is Work Artist at Work

Before this course I was like a rudderless ship with my head in the sand (sorry for mixing my metaphors!) I now feel more confident and knowledgeable to move forward. And what's really great is I've joined a group created from this course so I know I'm not on my own just because the course has finished. I have already and would definitely recommend this course. P. S. Tara, your show of emotion was unexpected but very reassuring to see how much you care x

Martina Carroll

Martina Carroll Artist



Artist Headshot

Elena Kotovenko
Visual Artist at Kotovenko Art
Tara's workshop was really useful and informative. Ok honestly, my head was on fire, but I needed a little kick and encouragement to get off my a...
Also it was great for dinosaurs like me who are in the dark when it comes to social media and online stuff. Very insightful!
Thank you Tara!

Artist at Work

Cassandra Eustace
Cassandra Eustace Drawing Creativity
Thank you Tara for a great workshop, worth every cent for the clarity and insights that you shared with us so generously.
It was really helpful for where I am currently at, and I learnt a ton of things I had no knowledge of before so thanks again. 


Artist headshot at mirror

Before starting Tara's creative business program I was feeling overwhelmed and rather lost re the best way forward for my creative business. I couldn't figure out where to place my effort in order to bring in more sales and followers. Now I have a complete, structured road map of how to get where I want to be. It's given me much needed clarity. This was so much more than a dry, dreary business course - I found the content challenging yet really engaging and was gobsmacked at the amount of information the course offers you, together with really practical worksheets, top tips, useful apps etc etc. And one of the best bits about the course was being in a group with other creatives- just priceless. After years of working in a vacuum it was amazing to have this creative community at my fingertips to bounce ideas off, gain confidence and ask questions. But the icing on the cake regarding the course is Tara herself. I challenge anyone to find a more engaging, hardworking and knowledgeable creative business mentor - you just won't!

Rosalyn Cropper

Rosalyn Cropper Art

Smiling professional headshot

Thank you, Tara, for giving us all so many nudges in the right direction. I have found the pandemic a huge challenge in so far as having all exhibitions and art fairs cancelled, so face to face selling opportunities really dried up in 2020. I'm needing to re-think effective ways to engage with people, especially online, and you've given loads of ideas to process. My main takeaway is to shift my mindset from thinking about merely showing my work to presenting it in such a way that it's about the customer and what they want. I've also been motivated to re-think my strategies around merch, deadlines and targets. Thank you - I'd certainly recommend.

Sue van Coppenhagen

Sue van Coppenhagen Art

Smiling business man

I've been trying to build my website and social media pages over the past few years but struggled to tap into the right audience. Tara gives great advise on how to point your business plan in the right direction. She highlights the "do's" and "Don'ts" in creative planning and introduces new ideas that can easily be adapted to both beginners and advanced. I'd highly recommend Tara and the team at Biscuit and look forward to working with her again.

Jason O'Ceannobháin

O'Ceannobhain's Art Studio