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Your Bank Account Does Not Reflect Your Effort

→ Are you consistently showing up, sharing reels, and actively engaging but not seeing progress?
→Despite having a strong community of fellow business owners cheering you on, you are struggling to convert followers into buyers.

→Even though you receive recognition, awards, and admiration, your sales figures are not meeting your expectations.

→Feeling overwhelmed and lacking direction on how to propel your business forward?

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From Idea to Business: Navigating the Confusion

It's common to have an abundance of ideas, which can be seen as a valuable asset.

However, the real challenge lies in the execution of these ideas.
To ensure your ideas do not go to waste, it is essential to take action.

One way to do this is by booking a call today, where you can receive guidance and support in unlocking your full potential.

This opportunity can help you prioritise your ideas and provide a clear path towards achieving your goals

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Determining Your Rates: A Guide for When You Feel Overwhelmed

As a small business owner, determining the pricing for your products or services can be mind bending.

It's crucial to assess the value of your time and expertise in order to set prices that are fair to both you and your customers.

Pricing your work is a balance between covering your costs, recognising the value of your skills, and remaining competitive in the market.

Regularly reviewing and adjusting your prices can help ensure the sustainability and profitability of your small business.

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Overworked & Underachieving: Coping with Exhaustion &
Lack of Results

It's clear that you are a hard worker who thrives when fully engaged in your tasks.

The passion you have for what you do makes it feel effortless, almost as if you are in the zone.

However, the frustration of putting in long hours without seeing the financial rewards can be disheartening.

It's time to ensure that you have the right sales system in place to effectively monetise your hard work and dedication.

Let's work together to create a sustainable and lucrative sales system that aligns with your expertise and passion

No matter how hard you work, how many price reductions and hours of engagement, your business is not making any money.

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Hey! I'm Tara, and I have a strong passion for assisting creative individuals in transforming their passions into profitable ventures.

I am dedicated to understanding your specific challenges, providing consistent support, and aiding you in accomplishing the success you desire.

Whether you are facing obstacles in making your business thrive or seeking advice on elevating your operations to the next level, I am here to offer my guidance.

Together, let's collaborate on establishing a sustainable and profitable business that reflects your vision and brings you a sense of pride and accomplishment

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