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Learn The Framework Of Selling At Christmas

DEC 1st - LAST DAY TO GRAB THIS WORKSHOP It is time for you to make a plan and feel prepared and ready for selling this season. .

The Three Key Elements Of A Successful Xmas Promotion?

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Do you feel like the run up to Christmas is the same every year?

🎄 Scrambling to make enough stock,
🎄 Turn up on social,
🎄 Answer dm's
& at the end of the selling period you are exhausted
and not as wealthy as you thought...
even after all that work?

It is exhausting right?

⚡️You do not know where to start.
⚡️You have social fatigue.
⚡️You keep jumping from one thing to another.
⚡️You are not sure how to turn up to sell stuff.
⚡️You don't want to be annoying people trying to sell, it makes you feel yuk!
 ⚡️You keep creating new products to avoid actually selling them.

And this means that you’re fighting for every new customer right now.
Juggling so many balls, and worried you might be coming across as desperate.  

You’re missing out on time with your family, stressing out about paying the bills
and wondering where this so-called ‘freedom’ is that your
business is supposed to bring you.

 Right now, you feel chained to your phone/laptop/computer,
an imposter taken prisoner in your own business.

 Hey ! My name is Tara.
In case we haven't met I want you to know that I have a solution for you.

I have helped 1000s small business owners navigate the online selling space.

I understand the Creative mind and the intense challenges you have running a business.
After quitting art school ( I was a painter in my last life) I opened my first business at 19 and have been running businesses since.

Let me help you x
Watch My TedX Talk Here.

Tara Prendergast
Founder of Biscuit

Just Imagine...

More Income

More Time 

More Freedom

Here is what some students have said
about this workshop...

Marie Jeanne Jacob
Founder Designer Mad Jessie

"I have been feeling hugely overwhelmed and anxious about Christmas this year, in all honesty. I clicked into this course and started to read through the steps. All of a sudden I realise - I CAN do this! I am now taking a little under 2 weeks and working through the steps one at a time and feeling much more organised, structured, and ready. I've already got customers messaging me about upcoming Seasonal products that haven't even been launched yet! Thanks Tara!"

Aislinn Celisse
Artist Celisse Studio

Before the workshops I was completely confused. I have nothing to sell at Christmas? Or have I? As I was doing the workshop I soon realised this does apply to me, that I could do a Christmas offer. Why not? I started to get excited as this was easier than expected. Breaking everything down into steps is what makes this so easy. I always say baby steps to achieve the goals that I want long lasting.

Everything jn the workshops is designed for us to use at our own pace. We can all get those Christmas sales, now go get them!"

Caroline Duffy
Designer Caroline Duffy Art

 "I felt so overwhelmed by what to focus on for Christmas selling, then I took Tara's chrust marketing course. Its amazing. It sorted me out, I feel more in control. I know who my target customer is, what they want and need, and now how to deliver that to them. I feel more confident about my products now. I'm excited about the run up to Christmas for my business! Thank you Tara."

Access To The Christmas Workshop Closes Dec 1st

This course is not open for enrollment

Learn The Framework Of Selling At

DEC 1st - LAST DAY TO GRAB THIS WORKSHOP It is time for you to make a plan and feel prepared and ready for selling this season. .

Lesson 1:


I am NOT gonna say - hey off you go research who you need to sell to.

NOPE...we are gonna talk about the things you need to pay particular attention to at this time of year so you can make sure you are doing the correct things. 

What are they...
Where to find them...

Lesson 2 & 3:


Two lessons on this one because it is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of selling online.

This time of year is different to every other promotional period.

We need to understand where are customers are at right now!

How they turn up at Xmas and what they need from you.

Lesson 4:


Now we understand what they need from us so we can stand out to the correct eyeballs in a busy social environment...

Next step - how are we turning up with our message and what is that?

??? You mean I have a different message at Xmas time???


Lesson 5:


Now we need to get that chosen message out there.

There is no point doing the work outlines in lesson 1,2,3,4 and then keeping it to yourself.

Let's put a plan of action in place to make sure people hear this message.

Lesson 6:


Now we know what we wanna talk about let's make sure all our touch points are aligned to this work.

Like the packaging of your actual product its the finer details that will set you apart.

Let's get christmassy and bring our people with us.


🔥 Create your BEST offer...

Let's look at proven offer strategies that work over and over across all industries.

💪🏼 Pay attention to key dates in the calendar you need to prepare for.

💪🏼 Plan your holiday campaign with our worksheet to make that planning easy