3 Day Virtual Workshop Will Help You...


Increase your sales during this busy period & feel like you are taken seriously by family and friends.


Stop watching endless reels, youtube videos and FB lives. Get the plan you need in 1.5 hours over 3 days.


Increase your confidence and blast imposter syndrome away as your see happy customers LOVE your
product as much as you do!


Join me (virtually) & other friendly faces over 3 days as we dive in and start understanding and growing our Xmas sales plan.


Watch the recordings later at a time that works for you and get the answers you need,
when you need them.


Ask your questions day or night in the private Facebook group and get an answer from me as we navigate this process together. 

I know you HAVE to create. I know that making money sometimes feels 'yuk' because you would happily do what you do, for FREE!

You are not alone!

I have worked with 100's of Creatives just like you who struggle with the 'money making' side of what they do.

You know you have a gorgeous product but sometimes doubt that too as sales are just not big enough!

Do You Feel Like This Right Now?


You have not even begun to make a plan around Christmas selling. You have just managed to get the kids back to school and now there are just too many TO DO lists!!


You are constantly on the phone, keeping up with influencers, watching for comments, getting sucked into hours of reels...convincing yourself it is 'research'. 


You are so afraid you will have to quit the dream. Go back to the 9-5 or never get even near being able to quit the one ya have already!

I know how you feel. I have been running businesses since I was 19 years old and
understand what that fuzzy brain does to your confidence & your productivity.

There is ONE major thing I have learned how to do really well
that I know I can help you with.


If You Are Feeling...

❌ Exhausted and overwhelmed.
❌ Frustrated having to do 'all' the things.
❌ Working a lot but not really feeling appreciated.
❌ Wondering will you ever make any money!
❌ Always reacting to things rather than planning the execution of those actions.
❌ Lacking in the confidence to put yourself out there in a different way...you seem to revert to same old strategies.


Feel more confident by...

💪🏼 Creating a simple plan to follow.
💪🏼 Understanding the process of online sales specifically for Christmas ( which is very different at other times in the year )
💪🏼 Having those questions answered ( even the ones that feel stupid)
💪🏼Knowing you are not alone & meeting other Creatives just like you...trying to figure out how to increase Christmas sales without loosing your marbles!


3 Day Online Workshop With Me! 

🎄Feel productive after just 1.5 hrs over 3 days learning simple steps for online sales.
🎄 Feel smarter as online sales is explained, simply.
🎄Move forward as an experienced business mentor answer those questions keeping you stuck.
🎄Feel motivated and confident in the know that YOU are able for this shit.
🎄Put FUN back into your day & start enjoying your work again!


In case we haven't met my name is Tara.  

I have helped 1000s small business owners navigate the online selling space over the last 6 years. WHY ME?
I know you have a set of challenges that are not being addressed by other business supports.

😳 The lack of confidence with money,
🤯 The difficulty in staying focused,
📍The need to create (other business owners do not experience this!)

I too have a Creative mind. I was a painter in my last life but opened my first business at 19 after promptly quitting art school ( & my dream of being a painter).

 I  have been running businesses since - 28 yrs later.

Wanna hear why I do what I do & how it impacts you?
 Watch My TedX Talk Here.


Marie Jeanne Jacob
Founder Designer Mad Jessie

"I have been feeling hugely overwhelmed and anxious about Christmas this year, in all honesty. I clicked into this course and started to read through the steps. All of a sudden I realise - I CAN do this! I am now taking a little under 2 weeks and working through the steps one at a time and feeling much more organised, structured, and ready. I've already got customers messaging me about upcoming Seasonal products that haven't even been launched yet! Thanks Tara!"

Aislinn Celisse
Artist Celisse Studio

Before the workshops I was completely confused. I have nothing to sell at Christmas? Or have I? As I was doing the workshop I soon realised this does apply to me, that I could do a Christmas offer. Why not? I started to get excited as this was easier than expected. Breaking everything down into steps is what makes this so easy. I always say baby steps to achieve the goals that I want long lasting.

Everything jn the workshops is designed for us to use at our own pace. We can all get those Christmas sales, now go get them!"

Caroline Duffy
Designer Caroline Duffy Art

 "I felt so overwhelmed by what to focus on for Christmas selling, then I took Tara's christmas marketing course. It's amazing. It sorted me out, I feel more in control. I know who my target customer is, what they want and need, and now how to deliver that to them. I feel more confident about my products now. I'm excited about the run up to Christmas for my business! Thank you Tara."


We'll meet virtually each day at 12pm - 1.30pm GMT+1 on Zoom,
 streaming into our private Facebook group.

🎉 Monday, September 19th - Our Facebook group opens 🎉

 01 Tuesday, September 20th @ 12pm - 1.30pm GMT+1
 Lesson 1: The Plan To Ensure Success

02 Wednesday, September 21st @ 12pm - 1.30pm GMT+1
 Lesson 2: Create Content That Converts

03 Thursday, September 22nd @ 12pm - 1.30pm GMT+1
Lesson 3: GetThe Correct Gift Buyer To See Your Stuff

04 Friday, September 23rd @ 12pm - 1pm GMT+1
BONUS Training: The ONE Thing Overlooked By Most Small Biz Owners 


This workbook will give you the ACTUAL data you need to make smart decisions on how you turn up this year.

Let's start with our friend 'research' something I know you tend to skip.


This lesson reveals a completely NEW way of attracting your ideal Xmas buyer. Targeting people who love jewellery is vanilla marketing.

Let's NOT be vanilla.
This lesson reveals the 'edge' you need during Xmas promotion.


Increase visibility and plan your dates rather than last minute panic posting.

There is no point having a GREAT xmas gift if people have to try and  'find' what you have on offer. 


THE most important element of your Christmas planning is knowing WHAT type of gift offer and HOW to sell it.

This BONUS training teaches you a proven system that ensures sales during the Xmas season.




This is ongoing work in our businesses.

Use the formula in this workbook to smartly communicate your story & the value of what you do.



A short but focused brief of what you need to do during your holiday campaign.

Step by step - tick the tasks off your brief.



We cannot ignore our mindset work as we build our businesses.

This easy to follow workbook gives you focus to pay attention to those internal narratives.
A simple yet powerful exercise.


  • ✔️ Access to the data you need to make smart choices ( Value €69)
  • ✔️ An innovative way of attracting the correct customer to you ( Value €69)
  • ✔️ The strategy for getting the correct eyeballs on your products ( Value €69)
  • ✔️REVEALED!The 1 thing every small biz owner misses during Xmas selling period ( Value €99)
  • ✔️ The framework to build a strong consistent brand in a busy marketplace (Value €139)
  • ✔️A done for you 'to-do' list to nail your Holiday Campaign (€39)
  • ✔️The workbook that will keep the mind sharp and on focus for growth  (€149)
  • ✔️Live Q&A sessions with Tara (Value €999) 


TOTAL VALUE =  €1632

PRICE =  €249


I am at the beginning of my journey into e-commerce for my art practice.
Before this workshop I had sort of a vague idea of what I needed to do but hadn't got a clue where to even start. Now I can see the wood from the trees. I have a very clear path set for myself with everything Tara has guided me through. I know what I need to do and importantly when to take the different steps. Knowledge is everything and I've just been given a whole lot of it.
Her encouragement and enthusiasm is infectious. I'm not as worried about this journey as I was only a few days ago.

The workshop was worth every penny and much more.  

Niamh Leonard

Artist, Illustrator, Sculptor

Before this course I was like a rudderless ship with my head in the sand (sorry for mixing my metaphors!)

I now feel more confident and knowledgeable to move forward.

And what's really great is I've joined a group created from this course so I know I'm not on my own just because the course has finished.

I have already and would definitely recommend this course.

 P. S. Tara, your show of emotion was unexpected but very reassuring to see how much you care x 

Martina Carroll

Textile & Mixed Media Artist

I've been trying to build my website and social media pages over the past few years but struggled to tap into the right audience.

 Tara gives great advise on how to point your business plan in the right direction.

She highlights the "do's" and "Don'ts" in creative planning and introduces new ideas that can easily be adapted to both beginners and advanced.

I'd highly recommend Tara and the team at Biscuit and look forward to working with her again.

Jason O'Ceannobháin


Thank you Tara for a great workshop, worth every cent for the clarity and insights that you shared with us so generously.

It was really helpful for where I am currently at, and I learnt a ton of things I had no knowledge of before so thanks again. 

Cassandra Eustace

Drawing Creativity

Many thanks Tara for the 3 day workshop it was a great starter for the year and helped give direction for the coming year and growing an art/interiors business.

Thank you. 

Emily McCormack


Tara's workshop was really useful and informative. Ok honestly, my head was on fire, but I needed a little kick and encouragement to get off my  a...  Also it was great for dinosaurs like me who are in the dark when it comes to social media and online stuff.
Very insightful! Thank you Tara! 

Elena Kotovenko

Visual Artist

 It’s taken me a week to digest everything Tara has taught me in this 3 day workshop, and I still haven’t digested it all!!!  

Wow. What an experience!

My head is bursting with new ideas on how I can forward from here.
I’m excited not even started up my business yet, but I feel so ready for it now!!  

I’m excited, I’m informed, and I’m full of ideas!

What better way to start?!  

Thank you so much Tara!! You made a lot of new information very easy to understand and in a way where I did feel “talked at” for 2 hours each day.  

5 star rating!

And I would recommend this to anyone looking to start up a creative business!! 

Kate Gordon-Sheddan


Thank you, Tara, for giving us all so many nudges in the right direction.

I have found the pandemic a huge challenge in so far as having all exhibitions and art fairs cancelled, so face to face selling opportunities really dried up in 2020.

I'm needing to re-think effective ways to engage with people, especially online, and you've given loads of ideas to process.

My main takeaway is to shift my mindset from thinking about merely showing my work to presenting it in such a way that it's about the customer and what they want.

I've also been motivated to re-think my strategies around merch, deadlines and targets.

Thank you - I'd certainly recommend. 

Sue Van Coppenhagen


Before I started Tara's workshop I felt like I had hit a brick wall with trying to get in front of my ideal target audience. That's when I 'stumbled' across her three-day workshop online. I am sooooooooo happy that I decided to take a leap of faith and sign up.

Tara's knowledge around all the complexities of running a creative business is vast.
You will come away with lots and lots of juicy action points to steer your business in the direction you want it to go, together with a heap of helpful worksheets and notes.
Tara's positive, warm and inclusive approach makes learning all these new steps like sinking into a deep bubble bath with a glass of your favourite tipple - it's that enjoyable and de-stressing!

I couldn't recommend her more highly.

Rosalyn Cropper