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Imagine Attracting Customers Who Love What You Do
Without Having To Solely Rely On Social Media.

Our 3-day bootcamp teaches the steps that connect you to people who become loyal fans & proud customers without relying just on social media.

You want a business online selling your creative work...
Only problem is - you feel stuck managing social media.

The 3 main hurdles that are keeping you from having the business you want.

Which one is keeping you overwhelmed?



Every time you sit down to make a reel, record a video or turn up on social media, you freeze. You just can't build that confidence to make all those social media posts happen.



Your first love is pen and paper. You are embracing technology because you want to grow and be a business owner but you find all the tools & platforms confusing and boring AF.



You have lists (in your gorgeous notebooks )of all the things you need to do. You also have life commitments and need time to actually create. How to fit it all in?

It Feels Like SO MANY THINGS Are In Your Way Which Causes You To...


Bury your head in the sand and ignore putting
your workout there. Overwhelm feeds your lack of confidence.



Cut your prices and continue to create lots of new work, convinced your current work is not good enough.

Hey! I'm Tara

I am a serial entrepreneur and TedX speaker who began my business journey 27 years ago.
I have since built and sold two successful businesses, advised and coached 100's of entrepreneurs before launching my dream online business that has served 1000's of Creative since 2015. I have taught in Irelands top university Trinity College, & government bodies whilst building a 6 figure business online.

That dream business journey has not been easy.

In early 2020 I was struggling to monetize the social media following I had built. I was spending every minute on social media, weekends, evenings...I had no social life and to be honest I felt like packing it all in.

Until I figured out the missing ingredient that was keeping me stuck on social media with little sales - I want to share what I have learned in this 3 day bootcamp.

If you want to build a business selling your work online then
you’re going to have think beyond social media!

It doesn't matter how talented you are as an artist.

If you don't connect to an audience that appreciates and loves what you do then selling online is really hard, no matter how many followers you have.

Successful business owners know how important connection is BUT...

...we are conditioned to believe this is the purpose of just social media. In reality it goes beyond that.

In order to really connect with an audience you need the following 3 things in place....

You need these 3 things in place...

1. An email list of people who have said "YES I dig what you do."

2. A commitment to create a piece of content to turn your email list into raving fans.

3. The winning formula for selling to your list.

Once you have these 3 assets in place you will be well on your way to building a profitable sustainable business.
So let's do this!

A 3 Day Bootcamp to help small businesses to build an email list of people
who appreciate what they do, to turn that list into raving fans &
how to make sales from that fan base.

Stop spending all your time looking for new customers. This process creates a pathway to you!

At the end of our time together on this bootcamp you will have a game plan ready so you can get your life back from the endless hours on social media, making money and connecting to people who appreciate what you do!

Here Is What You Get Inside This 3 Day Bootcamp

3 days of live training to get your from overwhelmed underpaid Creative to thriving business person.
Each day inside our bootcamp I will be sharing the essential steps in video modules that
 uncover how to start building your email marketing strategy.
The strategy I have used to build a 6 figure business in less than 2 years.


The Tools That Will Make You Money

I see people frustrated and overwhelmed as they try to navigate online selling. Not because they are not able but because they do not know what tools to use.
Day one we go through the recommended tools and how to use them.


Engage With Your Audience Like A Boss

With social media giving us just a 1%-4% engagement rate - day 2 will dive into the reality of how many people you can actually connect to and how you can increase this to 40%.


Turn Your Fans Into Customers

Day 3 we will look at the ways you can nurture your audience into fans and in turn convert that activity into sales. The piece we are striving for, to make more money from what we love to do.

WAIT! Did you think I was done? Not yet!!
Let's dive into all the FREE bonuses you get.


ACCESS to our private
pop- up
Facebook group

This is your go-to space during our live bootcamp experience. Get feedback & support and accountability  & meet other Creatives as you nail down your tools, sales processes and engagement strategies. 

( Value €399)


lifetime access to trainings and live recordings 

All our live trainings are uploaded into your student portal so you always have access to them. Nothing beats being able to go back over calls to grab what you need. If you need to refresh in 6 months time we got ya covered.

(Value €699)



Mindset is everything in life & business so let's start with a simple masterclass that will help you build a solid self belief system. This helps with decision making and habit creation.

(Value €149)



Yes! I have this mapped out for you. A template you can refer to when you sit down to write your email. Design, layout and what you say is very important. Kinda like a work of art!

(Value €99)



Sitting down to write content in social, emails and for video is REALLY challenging. I have put together 224 ideas that will inspire you to take action. Never be stuck for something to say again.

(Value €169)



Knowing what is coming up in the calendar like  - Earth Day or Children's Book Day really helps. We have a full 12 months mapped out so you can plan your posts, blogs, videos, emails smartly.

(Value €199)

Get this step-by-step training which focuses you on
activity that results in sales - for just €59!!!!

When you sign up to The Digital Savvy Creative 3 Day Bootcamp you will get...

1. TRAINING 1: Know What Tools You Need To Make Money        
(Value $199)

2. TRAINING 2: Get Your Audience To Pay Attention To You          
 (Value $199)

3. TRAINING 3: Know How To Turn That Attention Into Sales          (Value $199)

4. BONUS TRAINING 4: Get The Winning Formula For Great Emails (Value $99)
4. BONUS 1: Lifetime Access Training Videos & Call Replays
(Value $699)

5. BONUS 2: Access To Pop Up Training FB Group
(Value $399)

6. BONUS 3:Make That Mindset Shift For Growth
(Value $499)

7. BONUS 4: 227 Content Idea Checklists & Calendar Prompts To Nail Content (Value $368)

In case you need an extra nudge (loving) to
believe in is our 10x guarantee.

We 100% know you will love this bootcamp!

And we will put our money where our promise is.

If after day 1 you do not feel you got 10x the value of your ticket price with  information, support and inspiration we will refund you.

All you have to do is email us by 8pm on the end of day 2 and we will fully refund you - no questions asked!

Sound fair?

My bootcamps/workshops are always really valuable.
Don't just take my word for it though...
here are some past students.

Lorna Watkins
Fine Art Painter

Danielle Doody
Natural Skin Care Maker

Aisling Griffin
Graphic Designer

" After Tara's workshop I realised that I was only scratching the surface with what I could achieve. It opened my eyes to online selling and gave me a plan I needed to make the next step."

" From working with Tara I gained the confidence and know how to break free from my 9-5 job and finally open the business of my dreams. This workshop was the first step in that process. "

"A few years ago I felt like I was going around in circles with my design business. I worked alone in my studio and after I did the 4 day workshop with Tara my future changed for the best. This is a fantastic starting point for anyone feeling stuck."

 "I've been trying to build my website and social media pages over the past few years but struggled to tap into the right audience.  
Tara gives great advise on how to point your business plan in the right direction.

She highlights the "do's" and "Don'ts" in creative planning and introduces new ideas that can easily be adapted to both beginners and advanced.

I'd highly recommend Tara and the team at Biscuit and look forward to working with her again. ." 

Jason O'Ceannobháin

 "It’s taken me a week to digest everything Tara has taught me in this 3 day workshop, and I still haven’t digested it all!!! Wow. What an experience! My d is bursting with new ideas on how I can forward from here.

I’m excited not even started up my business yet, but I feel so ready for it now!! I’m excited, I’m informed, and I’m full of ideas! What better way to start?! Thank you so much Tara!! You made a lot of new information very easy to understand and in a way where I did feel “talked at” for 2 hours each day. 5 star rating! And I would recommend this to anyone looking to start up a creative business!!

Kate Gordon-Sheddan

 "Thank you, Tara, for giving us all so many nudges in the right direction. I have found the pandemic a huge challenge in so far as having all exhibitions and art fairs cancelled, so face to face selling opportunities really dried up in 2020. I'm needing to re-think effective ways to engage with people, especially online, and you've given loads of ideas to process. My main takeaway is to shift my mindset from thinking about merely showing my work to presenting it in such a way that it's about the customer and what they want. I've also been motivated to re-think my strategies around merch, deadlines and targets. Thank you - I'd certainly recommend

Sue Van Coppenhagen

"Prior to taking this workshop I was apprehensive about setting up an online shop, I was especially concerned about how I could use my social media accounts to market my products and drive traffic to my website and shop.
I only finished the workshop yesterday and I have already started to make changes to my website and social media and have a much clearer picture of what I need to do to achieve my goals.
I would certainly recommend this workshop to anyone who is thinking of selling online. "

Pat Lynch

 " Thank you so much for your energy and beautiful insight you gave me. I would love doing the course with you but at the moment I don't have an income that allow me to do it. So I think I need time to stay put following what I learned until now.  

Before I started I felt a big need of getting my mindset on the moneymaking. I had a strange experience with a mentor with LEO but I needed to find my way in to art business.  
Now I feel I have a lot to work on. It's a good energising feeling.  
I already recommended you to at least three artists friends... you are working so hard and I admire you.

Thanks for giving so much.

Giulia Canevari

 "I am at the beginning of my journey into e-commerce for my art practice. Before this workshop I had sort of a vague idea of what I needed to do but hadn't got a clue where to even start.
Now I can see the wood from the trees. I have a very clear path set for myself with everything Tara has guided me through.
I know what I need to do and importantly when to take the different steps. Knowledge is everything and I've just been given a whole lot of it.
Her encouragement and enthusiasm is infectious. I'm not as worried about this journey as I was only a few days ago.
The workshop was worth every penny and much more.

Niamh Leonard

 "Just wanted to say I am so happy I took Tara's 3 day Market & Profit workshop and the VIP sessions too. I had been completely overwhelmed beforehand, and whilst I still have a lot to learn I'm confident I'll get there. The vibe in the group was fantastic all led by Tara's infectious, bubbly nature and can-do attitude. What really amazed me was the huge diversity within the group and even though some people had questions very particular to their genre, Tara was still able to pull great helpful answers out of the bag. Her wealth of experience was very evident and beneficial through the course. To top it all, it was amazing value and I would highly recommend anyone to take it whether just starting out or a little further along the road. ." 

Susan Ahern O'Leary

 "Before I took the course, my business was at a standstill and my mind was a bit all over the place... I felt a bit lost and a bit stuck. I needed focus and a kick up the...

The course gave me motivation and more clarity. I took away mainly that I need a plan, that a plan needs action, that done is better than perfect and that we are worth it...that we have to give ourselves some credit for what we do.
I learned both from Tara's expertise and generous advice and morale-boosting energy, and from the other participants; it's always great to connect with others who are in similar stages in their business and help with each other's experiences.

Maria Gasol

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Simply put when people pay, they pay attention. In the past we have run free Challenges' and we noticed that most people didn't take it seriously. We don't know about you, but when it comes to our time, we only want to spend it working with people who are in it to make shit happen. By adding on a fee, we ensure that only the best quality participants will take part in the bootcamp. The kind of people who are encouraging of others success and who you actually want to be around!

This workshop session runs from June 13th,14th,15th ( with a BONUS training on 16th)
Our Pop Up Facebook group opens on FridayJune 10th
On each workshop day we connect on a zoom call from 2pm-3.30pm GMT+1

Our live calls usually last approx 1.30 hours. Replays are available to all who miss the lives.

If you are someone who is wants to figure out the best ways to navigate your marketing to increase sales, then this bootcamp is right for you. This is specifically created for visual artists like photographers, painters, graphic designers, designers, makers... It is NOT right for you if you want a quick fix to earn money.

We get it, you're busy and you may not be able to make it to some of the calls. That's why there will be replays available inside the Facebook group and you will have access to those for as long as you have a Facebook account. When the group is archived, you will still be able to watch all of the content.

I love this question! And the answer is pretty straightforward: I don’t run workshops that are light on the strategy and heavy on the fluff. Instead, Biscuit hosts intentional, step-by-step business training that are designed to help you get a clear result and the clear-cut action steps you need to execute. There is also an offer a zero-risk, money-back guarantee where you can ask for a refund by the end of the first day of the challenge and we’ll return your money, no questions asked.

Let's take a moment and get real.

If you keep doing the same things over and over and do not get the results you are after -
then something has to change.

If you are tired of social tactics like reels & stories that will get you followers but are not turning into sales..then take action TODAY.

Let's make shit happen!