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Do you crave direction, brainstorming and clarity? Have you got lots of ideas but no clue how to execute? One hour with me will clear that overwhelm

Speed up your business growth and invest in one jam packed hour 1:1
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How 1:1 Mentoring Has Helped These Creatives

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💬 Hello I'm Cora.

Last year I set up in business selling my ceramic giftware and sculpture. I had been working on designing  a product for close to three years at that stage and was almost ready to give up on the idea as I felt I was unable to produce it at a cost to suit my ideal customer.

On March 12 th last year I did a 1 to 1 with Tara and spilled out 3 years worth of apprehension, confusion and worry about this.

Her excitement and belief in my idea put me at ease and triggered in me a new found enthusiasm to keep going. Yes, of course the following day the world came to a halt and everything changed, but the spark that had been ignited on my call kept me focused and determined to use this quiet time to research ways of getting my product on the market. J

ust six months later I decided to pre launch it, and the orders came flooding in. My order book is now full for the next 3 months and I am still trying to process all that has happened. It was not just the one hour that I stayed on the call with Tara that helped me so much, it was knowing that she genuinely wanted this for me, almost as badly as I wanted it myself, it was knowing that I had her support any time I needed it since then, (and there have been many questions and enquiries since) and most importantly it was the self belief that she instilled in me that I could achieve anything I set my mind to.

I can never thank Tara enough for her support and belief in my little dream. Joining the Private factory members group is without a doubt the best money that I have invested in my work. I genuine cannot imagine being where I am now in my business had I tried to navigate this journey alone.

Cora Cummins

💬 Hello!

My name is Karli Mogen and I am a freelance artist, designer, and medical illustrator (you can find my work at kmogenart.com). I was lucky enough to have a 1:1 call with Tara in the 6 week workshop I did with her.

 Before the 1:1, I was so unsure of what I was doing with my business, and especially why I was doing it, and Tara was so incredibly helpful in giving me some solid direction of where to focus my time and energy for the best results.

She really has a knack for zoning in on someone's motivations, and then using all of the tools and resources she has to advise on which avenues match that motivation best.

So, after the call, I felt like I finally had some solid ground under my feet and an actual plan of what to do next, which was invaluable. Because of all of this, I would definitely recommend 1:1s with Tara to anyone in the creative business space.

She is a wealth of knowledge and creativity, and it is well worth picking her brain.

Karli Mogen
Anatomy illustrator

💬 My name is Rachel and I am a ceramicist.  

I can not recommend Tara’s 1:1 sessions enough. This tailored mentoring session would be the absolute best thing you can do for yourself & your work.

As creators we spend so much time alone and sometimes don’t see the wood from the trees. Before this session with Tara I felt I needed to check in and give my business a health check. We always have those things we want to invest in like whether it’s new packaging or great photography, all those things.

And there can be a lot of things on the go in our heads as we have so many roles in our businesses. Sometimes it’s good to step back & analyse it all, even better to have Tara’s expertise to advise and give you that ‘virtual’ shoulder rub that you need. Not everyone understands what’s it’s like.

I felt like a new person after my session with Tara. It has taken me a few days to express all of this because as this was a tailored mentoring session by Tara, a lot of ground was covered & there was a brilliant mindset change for the better. Tara doesn’t do things by halves. Her heart and soul went into it. She cares about your business.

She has created to most amazing community. Getting her on her own to talk things through could be the most life changing hour.  

Annnnnd she sends a recording after for you to look back on. That’s so valuable to have that on hand when we have one of those days and you need that pick me up.

Prepare to feel supported & have a lot of light bulb moments💡🤍    Rachel

Rachel Webb